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A slice of Vegas: More than just gambling

Looking back in time, it is incredibly difficult to believe that Las Vegas has been around only since 1905. In fact, the city was not even incorporated until some 6 years later, but the landscape has allowed for a flourishing entertainment industry. No wonder the city is now tagged as the entertainment capital of the world. The most notable claim to fame over there is the rapid proliferation of world class casinos offering all kinds of gambling experiences, and this has seen hordes drift to the region to enjoy the sprawling diversity of games.

A city whose culture and history are intertwined with that of casinos

Vegas has a pleasantly large number of casinos, and the last roll call showed at least 75 of them, and we are only talking the ones that re legitimate here. The Las Vegas strip on its own has a whopping 43 of those, which is why everyone heads out there. There are literally hundreds of games on offer, and you are going to enjoy your best moments facing off against the city’s flamboyant gamblers.

What is the experience like?

Gambling in Las Vegas is the ultimate test of skill and resilience. It is also one of the most adrenaline-inducing activities in the world. You can always conduct a personal tour of any casino you pick, and then learn their house rules. If you are looking to refresh your knowledge of games before heading out to the tables, you will be glad to know that a lot of casinos in the area will offer free training lessons on games like Roulette, Poker and Black Jack. Where this service is offered, the timing is always along the morning hours, so you need to get there in time.

Hitting the tables

If you are new in the area, then you are going to find the casinos a little too imposing. There are flashing lights, tall walls, high windows and massive pits. However, all you need to do is keep it calm and don’t give anything away. The City of Sin is full of smart-eyed professional gamblers who can pick out a nervous newcomer from miles out. Remember, what matters is how you go at your game and not how little you know the environment. The dealers are highly professional and polite, and the houses offer free drinks and snacks for as long as patrons are gambling. Remember to always tip the dealers and keep your phone off the tables while games are in full swing..

So, what other way can you experience Vegs apart from winning (or losing) money?


Rove the skies as you look down on at the Strip

There is no better way to know what Vegas is all about than getting a helicopter ride and flying over the strip. It is an experience that gives you a true slice of earth from the heavens. Most charter companies will pick you from your hotel room in a limousine and have you driven to the boarding location. While in the air, you will get to feast your eyes on Vegas landmarks such as the Mirage and its exploding volcano as well as Bellagio’s dancing fountains. If you are up to it, you can have your pilot go round the Stratosphere tower for good measure. The best time to go is at the stroke of sunset, when the myriad city lights conspire with the setting sun to cast shadows all over, giving you a priceless visual of tall shadows and colorful displays. You get to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the city as the darkening expanse of the desert forms a backdrop to your experience.

Knock back a few bottles of your favourite drink

The Strip in Las Vegas is the perfect location for a cold one. This part of Vegas has an astonishing number of bottles on sale, and top level cocktails are also part of the staple. To just give you an idea of how sophisticated the Vegas club scene is, drinks are actually rated on a scale of 1 to 5.Number 1 is 'approachable’ and number 5 is 'advanced palate’.

The Sin City is a lot about gambling, but that’s not everything. You can experience Vegas in a number of defining ways, all the way from grabbing a chair at the casino tablesto taking eye-opening trips and getting to sample the various cuisines in Vegas’ hotel kitchens.