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Things to know before travelling to Las Vegas

Every visitor needs to know some things before traveling to Las Vegas – the paradise with unforgettable restaurants, shopping facilities, attractions and fabulous shows; all with various options that fit all budgets. Below are some tips that will ensure you have an ultimate experience in your Las Vegas trip; they will help you avoid unnecessary expense, wait times and maximize your fun quotient. Be sure to look like a Las Vegas pro after following this guide. Let our Las Vegas adventure begin!

1. Distances are much far than they appear

On your visit to Las Vegas, do not walk all the way from the MGM Grand to the Bellagio —sure, it does not look far, but after several blocks in, you will wonder what led you into doing it. The strip extends for four miles, and because Las Vegas buildings are so close together, they often appear closer than they are. A two or three building walk is manageable, maybe say from Planet Holywood to Bally’s, but not more than that. Use walkways, trams, and the monorail to get to your destination more quickly.

2. Avoid buying drinks in the casino

In case you are going to play table games, slots or video poker, do not purchase cocktails or other drinks at a casino bar immediately— Be patient, the cocktail waitress will approach you. Most Las Vegas casinos offer free cocktails just to keep you gambling. However, you may wait a little longer, but it will save you some cash. If you are planning to hit the club later, you can start by drinking on the casino floor so that you will spend less.

3. Plan your attack

Just like in any other trip to a new place, you need to familiarize yourself with the surroundings so as to get the most out of your Las Vegas vacation. After checking in, you can take a walk around the casino or hotel and note where restrooms, restaurants, vending machines and seating areas are. At some point, it is worth getting some Las Vegas history from a resident, getting some knowledge about the city buildings or hopping on a bus to enjoy a tour around the city. However, we recommend that you stay on the bus during the tour and take note of some must-visit stops.

4. Avoid peak dinner times, if possible.

The peak dinner times in the city are between 6 to 8 pm. For your first time visit, be flexible enough and try having dinner as early as 5 pm or later between 8.30 -9 pm. The lines often get unmanageable during peak hours, particularly for those visiting a buffet. This avoids wasting several hours on the line- it could be better if you were served elsewhere. Certainly, there will be situations when dining early, or late won’t be possible, but it doesn’t hurt knowing the primetime.

5. Be open to anything

Anytime you come to Las Vegas, have an open mind. If things are not working out according to your plans - take a breath and stay cool. Go with the flow of things; you might end up discovering things you never thought of. You can never know what you will encounter when walking down the Las Vegas Strip; it’s all about having fun.