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5 interesting facts about Las Vegas you might not know

If you are planning to make a trip to Las Vegas, you probably are looking for more information about the city. This paradise city in the state of Nevada is much younger than what others think – it was started in 1905 as a stopover point along the Union Pacific Railroad. However, it has grown a lot since then, below are five interesting facts about Las Vegas that you might not know.

1. Las Vegas – A Gambling Haven?

The city of Las Vegas has been a gambling hotspot for long – it is legal anyway. A federal anti-gambling law in Nevada declared betting illegal in 1910, shutting it down. Several activists pushed for its legalization and in 1931, the state allowed gambling again. Since then, Las Vegas continues to grow among the top mega resort casino destinations known today. However, it is odd that the constitution of the state of Nevada neither allows lottery nor selling of lottery tickets.

2. Not Enough Room for accommodation

The hotels in Las Vegas offer a combined total of over 130,000 rooms. As a matter of fact, the accommodation facilities of four world-class properties such as Excalibur, Tropicana, New York-New York, and the MGM Grand (it has more than 5,000 rooms) are more than those in the entire San Francisco city. Funny enough is that occupancy in these rooms is often around 90 per cent.You can also find rooms with a good view of the city. For instance, the Stratosphere Tower, the tallest observation tower in the country. It provides a great view of the Las Vegas strip


3. The Strip

The Las Vegas Boulevard stretches 6.8 km and passes through two townships: Paradise and Winchester and Paradise. The strip is home to eighteen of the world’s largest hotels. Moreover, some Las Vegas Strip properties are located more than a mile off the boulevard. This explains how wonderful an adventure along the Las Vegas strip can be.

4. It has several museums, including a naughty museum.

While staring west at the trains through the Trump International Hotel, there lies one of the less-known attractions in the city, the Erotic Heritage Museum. It is located opposite Donald’s Vegas bolthole. This fine institution is designed to preserve the wonders of erotic imagination, just as depicted by the artistic expression of sex and love. Apart from the naughty museum, there is The Neon Museum which is a retirement home to some fallen giants in the city.

5. Atomic Tourism in Las Vegas.

The city"s first tourists were in love with atomic bombs. There was a time when detonation of nuclear devices was very common in the city, which is the root of atomic tourism. It was so common such that ordinary showgirls started wearing hair that resembles a mushroom cloud. Nuclear blasts that created artificial sun were the order of the day. The National Atomic Testing Museum in central Nevada gives more details about atomic tourism in Las Vegas.